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Reading - Exhortation - Doctrine
Thursday, 10 March 2005
Impatient to Wait on God
Now Playing: Are we waiting for God's direction in our life?
Topic: Patience
Genesis 27:1-17

One faithless act leads to another. Having schemed to secure the birthright, Jacob deceived his father in order to secure the blessing, which was a vital part of the birthright.

Jacob needed not only the birthright from Esau but also the blessing from his father. One was of no value without the other.

Although Esau was the favorite son of his father, Jacob was the favorite son of his mother.

Isaac was making plans to pass the blessing on to his favorite son, but Rebekah was not about to have Jacob left out--especially since God had indicated the blessing was to be Jacob's. Rebekah devised a counterplot.

Rebekah's sin was that she lacked faith in God's ability. She felt she had to help God accomplish His will.

While the intended goal was legitimate, the means she used to accomplish it were not honoring to God. She thought God must be frustrated concerning His plan and, therefore, needed her help.

Some people say, "The Lord helps those who help themselves." This is not true. The truth is that God helps those who come to the end of themselves.

What we need is patience to wait on God. He is able to do everything He has said He will do, and He will always do it on time.

"Wait on the Lord, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land" (Ps. 37:34).

(from T. Epp)

Posted by dondegr0 at 5:49 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 12 April 2005 9:46 AM EDT

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